Try to imagine that your company can not use PC’s, laptops, printers and telephones one full workday . We must conclude that we all have become very dependent on all those devices. We expect them all to work. But of course that’s not a simple goal. We must put effort in it to work – this effort must be performed by professionals.

CCare can help your business with the purchase, installation and maintenance of your PC’s, laptops, printers and telephones – so you can concentrate on what you do best.


We can not live without the Internet – it has become a vital need for almost everything we do in everyday life. It has become a NUTS facility next to gas, water and electricity. It is 24/7/365.

CCARE delivers “allways-on” Internet – that’s where your business demands.


One of the biggest game changers of the past 10 years is undoubtedly the advent of cloud computing. Cloud computing saves you from investing in expensive servers, software licenses and maintenance contracts. Cloud computing indeed give everything your business in IT need for a monthly subscription fee, it grows smoothly along with your needs and capacity and if there changes in your business, as quickly want you can.


You need help with a major project – the knowledge of what is involved in the project and go over your cap. That may be about the oplevertraject of a fiber optic connection to a complete design, project management and deployment of very large projects in the corporate market. Read more about the projects we have done drawing board design to completion.

We want to help you expand your IT horizon

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