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This website – including the home page and child pages – was compiled with the utmost care. Nevertheless, the website may provide and contain inaccurate and / or incomplete information. CCARE is not liable for incorrect and / or incomplete information on the website, nor for it, despite security meausures, existence of viruses and / or – other – injurious software, nor for – another – injurious use of the website. Making photocopies, screen printing, or any other duplicates of the website or parts thereof is not permitted without written permission from CCARE. CCARE has the right to modify or delete the content of the website in whole or in part. On his website – through links – other websites are linked to provide additional information. CCARE is not responsible for the websites linked to its website. Visiting this website is governed by Dutch law. CCARE does not guarantee that e-mails or other electronic messages will be received any and processed in time, and accepts no liability for the consequences of failure to timely receipt or processing of sent e-mails or other electronic messages.


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CCARE respects the privacy of all users of its website and ensures that personal information the user may e-mail or posts through the websites contact form will be treated confidentially and in accordance with the Data Protection Act. The personal data provided through the website or by e-mail will only be used by CCARE for of the stated purpose. If you have any questions about the (possible) processing of your personal data by CCARE, please contact us at +31 (75) 657 0494 or via e-mail

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The use of hyperlinks to (any page of) the website of CCARE can only be done through written permission of CCARE. CCARE will not authorize the use of hyperlinks if the content, image or reputation of the guest site is not compatible,
in the opinion of CCARE with the name and reputation of CCARE, its services, products or content of this website. Other intellectual property rights, jurisdiction and all activities carried out and all the services that are subject to CCAREs’ general terms and conditions are defined to provide limitation of liability. The conditions are filed with the Dutch Chamber of Commerce and are available on our website: terms_and_conditions. If you are unable to consult these conditions and / or store, you can send an email to, after which we will send you the terms.

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