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We are CCare

We are CCare and we want to help you with the best IT services that you and your company support and help to be successful. We believe in dedication to our profession, our services, the people who work for us but above all devotion to and for you. For us you are the most important - we want to go the extra mile for you. This is the DNA that we constantly communicate to the people who work at CCare; We will do absolutely everything in our power to help you.

We are proud to have hundreds of companies with thousands of users that can rely on our IT support every day . Our customers are in diverse industries and that challenges us to deliver just those products and services that these industries need.

The four C's - our services

CCare provides four services that are the foundation for everything we are and what we do. All devices that you use in the office, at home and while traveling fall under Computer. Everything that makes your devices in the office, at home and while traveling communicate with each other and the Internet falls under Connect. Always access to your files, email and applications are our Cloud services. Everything we can think of for you so you can do business successfully is our Consult department.


In the completely renovated and restyled Rivierstaete building, CCare has delivered and manages the entire Cityside IT network for the building.

Amsterdam Atlas Arena transformed into a Smart Building

The Amsterdam Atlas Arena complex has been converted into a Smart Building in recent years. CCare has been allowed to contribute by linking the entire complex through fiber to each other and to the Eurofiber internet.

Business Real Estate and CCare

Business offices are more valuable for tenants if fiber optic internet is standard and good IT arrangements are in place such as meeting rooms with video conferencing, telephony services over VoIP etc. CCare helps real estate owners and managers with the supply and maintenance of all these facilities.

Our Clients

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